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How to Choose the Right Landscaper

Contractors are required to have landscape licenses in the state of Nevada, if a job is $1,000 or more or requires a building permit. Companies that do lawn maintenance service are usually not required to have a contracting license.

The following common landscape construction or installation services may require a licensed contractor:

  • Installing rocks, sand or gravel
  • Irrigation or drainage systems
  • Planting trees, shrubs or other vegetation
  • Laying sod or hydroseeding

Common Red Flags A Contractor may not be on the level when:

  • You can’t verify the contractor’s name, address, telephone number or credentials.
  • You can’t verify that the contractor is licensed, insured and/or bonded.
  • The contractor won’t give you references.
  • The contractor asks you to obtain the building permits.
  • You are asked to put down a large down payment up front, or pay the entire price of the job before work is started.

Get A Written Contract These are things you should look for on your contract:

  • Contractor’s license number classification
  • Exact amount due from you under contract
  • Date work will begin & number of days for completion
  • Work to be performed & materials to be used
  • The contract is signed & dated by both parties
  • Have all change orders signed by both parties before the work begins
Contact the NSCB
  • Check to see if a contractor is licensed and in good standing with the NSCB by either calling or going online
  • Check for disciplinary actions
  • Never pay with cash
  • Ask for references before hiring any contractor
  • Get several bids before hiring a licensed contractor

Residential Recovery Fund

When a homeowner has been damaged by a contractor and has done everything possible to get the job completed and/or recover the financial loss, there is a fund established by the Nevada Legislature that is designed to help -- the Residential Recovery Fund.

A homeowner may be able to recover actual damages up to $35,000 per claim.

Recovery Fund claim forms may be obtained on the NSCB website, or by calling either Board office in Henderson or Reno,NV.

(Note: The Residential Recovery Fund is for single-family residences only. Owners of Condos,Townhomes, apartments or Commercial Properties are not eligible.)